Mikroprojekt pt. Mosty współpracy - sport i rekreacja dzieci i młodzieży w obszarach przygranicznych - English Version

Spis treści

Regia Civiitas Association as a Leader for the Przemysl Association as a leader with the partners of the Przemyskiej Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. and Associastion "Lviv Tourist Board" microproject pt. "Bridges of cooperation - sport and recreation of children and youth in border areas".
The overall objective of the micro-project was

to popularize the tourist services of the Przemysl Fortress related to sport and leisure through active leisure activities and promoting healthy living among people living in the cross-border region.
The project assumed the organization of sports events promoting the rich history of the Przemyśl Fortress:
• Ski-and-snowboard maneuvers at Fort XVI "Abolition"
Lovers of white madness will have the opportunity to take part in ski and snowboard competitions on the sloping slopes.
• A showdown of the DOWNTOWN cycling cavalry
Mountainous character of the city made it possible to organize the streets of Przemysl DOWNTOWN - an extreme variation of mountain biking. The beginning of the route took place at Kazimierz Castle and the finale on the Old Town Square. For bicycling down the stairs, there were numerous wooden obstacles, hops, wobbins, droppings and cars that would have to jump over.
• Nordic Walking Shoe on Fortification
For Nordic Walking enthusiasts at the Fortress, waiting for routes of varying degrees of difficulty awaits.
Lovers of poles who take on the challenge will go through the maneuvers of Good Soldier Sveby.
• Shooters for trash in Przemysl and Lviv
Two basketball tournaments will be organized as part of the assignment. 12 teams took part in competitions taking place in Przemysl, while for 4 teams competitions took place in Lviv. Basketball players will have the opportunity to develop their skills by training and competing with peers from cross-border areas.

Qualified judges were watching over the course of the competition, observing the rules and measuring the time. Each event will be preceded by a historical tale about the Przemysl Fortress, while participants will be provided with catering and valuable medals, diplomas and prizes by the Good Soldier Svevka.

The microproject was co-financed by the European Union under the Trans-border Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine for 2007-2013.

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